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Canoodling zebras

Etosha salt pan

Sunset in Etosha with oyrx?

Another 6.30 am start (these are becoming tedious) but since we are heading

to etosha national park, looking for the big 5 it is forgiven....

The drive through damaraland gave us a glimpse of what was to come with spotting

of mountain zebra, more springbok (yawn) oryx, ostrich etc etc

Once in Etosha with everyone keeping the eyes peeled we even got to see a lioness on our

first day, even tho it was in the distance, the elephants we were all looking forward

to were unfortunately elusive..

Wont bore you all with every animal we saw but even though conditions were not ideal

(as it is rainy season here, the animals are spread miles over the national park)

we did get to see alot, on the second day we were lucky enough to have a male lion

come right up to the van with not a care in the world that we were there... a good

wake up call not to get out of van!!!!

It was great viewing of game once the sun had gone down, but this spotting made us 10 mins late to our camp for the night and they had locked the gates!! thanks again Christian for climbing the gate to get help... Drama over we got in phew...

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