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Emerald Lake

Lovely impression!


Cute big puppy!

Cute little puppy!

General store in Carcross

Getting ready for Christmas by planting your tree in the back of...

Black bear

Us on board the train

View from the train

The rest of the train in front of us.

Crossing the border from Canada into Alaska.

Waterfall along the White Pass route

Back in Skagway

Outside our train carriage.

Station in Skagway

Bar and brothel...

Building made of sticks!

Today we had a full day trip planned as the ship was in Skagway for almost a full day. Having met our tour bus at the dock, we headed off through Skagway and up into the wilderness, crossing over the Canadian border and into the Yukon Territory. On the way, we had a close up encounter with a grizzly bear who was happily eating grass at the road side. We were able to get some great pictures and so close up! From there we went through Fraser and Carcross and headed towards our lunch stopping point at Caribou Crossing. This sounds like an awful long drive, huh? Early morning, drive around and then have lunch? Well not exactly – we arrived for our lunch at around 11am and that was even with us adding an extra stop at the gorgeous Emerald Lake, which we weren’t supposed to go to!

So, having consumed my barbeque chicken by 11.30am and being completely stuffed, we had a look around the little museum at Caribou which included lots of stuffed animals including the largest stuffed polar bear in the world. Nice. Afterwards, we headed towards the outdoor area where the husky dogs were kept and on entering we were met by hundreds of barking adult dogs and a handful of puppies running around as well. The little pups were so cute and of course Elizabeth wanted to take one (possibly more) home with her! She had to settle for holding some and having her picture taken instead!

From Caribou Crossing we headed back to Carcross – a little town which looked like a proper, old Western town! Having done a little tour and had a wander around the local store, using our remaining Canadian dollars, we got back on the bus to head off for the final section and onto the main part of the tour!

As we headed back towards Fraser, we saw another bear by the side of the road, this time a black bear and even closer this time. The size of these things is amazing and I for one was glad to be safely tucked inside a bus!

At Fraser, I ran over to the border point there and got our passports stamped, just to prove we’d been in Canada before we boarded the Yukon and White Pass Railway. The train, which followed part of the old route taken by the Klondike gold rushers, passes through the mountains on the way from Yukon back down into the US and Skagway. From winding through the mountains perched on the edge of cliff, to crossing bridges over wide glacial valleys and past cascading waterfalls, the route was picturesque and no amount of words, or even photographs, can really do it justice. Even as we hit Skagway, not a huge town I admit, the train was still winding its way through forests and all of a sudden we hit the end of the line!

We had a wander around Skagway and grabbed a warming hot chocolate at Starbucks and headed back to the ship, watching all the tubby Americans waiting for the shuttle bus instead of the 5 minute walk back to the ship!

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