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Day 4-Disneyland ( 2nd day)

After a great sleep (and another American Breakfast..yawn) we headed off back to Disneyland plan in hand.

Stategy…..hit the Matterhorn firsfollowed by Nemo Submarine,back to Autopia Cars followed by whatever we felt like.

Excellent plan as beat the crowds which certainly came today.Weather warmed up and pretty hot by lunchtime….more like California.

Favourite rides today-Splash Mountain;Jungle Cruise;Haunted Mansion.

After lunch headed back over to California Park and rode the Sceamer again-a wicked roller-coaster that oneLachie,Ross and I did the Hollywood Tower of Terror…a hotel where the lifts mal-function and you drop 60ft,then are yanked back up only to drop again…lift doors opening and shutting to show you your potential peril..ha!Boys getting tired and hungry so headed back to hotel for swim and dinner.Back to Disneyland for more rides,adventures and thrills.Huge crowds..biggest so far.Lined up for nearly an hour to do Indiana Jones but so worth it…outstanding ride!!Into Main St for the spectacular Fireworks display set to music and a disney storyline.Pretty amazing and magical…..loved real-life Tinkerbell fairy who “flew” across the night sky.Wondered around soaking in the atmosphere for one last tme.Checked out the beautiful shops and boys brought a few momentos.A little sad to be leaving Disneyland,we all had such a wonderful time there…might just have to come back again sometime.

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