Rob and Syd's Western Canada and Alaska trip 2012 travel blog

Along I-70 to Estes Park

Entering Rocky Mountain NP

Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain NP (where I took my fall)

Big Horn Sheep seen just outside Rocky Mountain NP

Day 4- April 28, 2012

Highway 70 is still following the Colorado River through more canyon country. Eventually the Colorado goes north and we follow the Eagle River. There is still quite a bit of snow on the mountains. Some of the trees have little bright spring-green leaves on them that contrast with the dark pines. Other trees haven’t even begun to bud out yet. We traveled through Vail Pass at 10,666 feet. Lots more snow at this point and even a fresh dusting on the higher trees. We got into a tight spot when we turned off the highway to go through Center City on the way to Estes Park. With our tow vehicle, we are close to 50 feet long and have to be careful where we go. We cannot back up if we get stuck. Center City turned out to be a town with very skinny streets that were not marked well. We didn’t get stuck but ended up getting out of there and going a different route through Boulder. Finding a gas station that could accommodate us was stress inducing as well. I hate getting gas in this thing. We are at the Paradise on the River RV Park in Estes Park. We settled in and headed for Rocky Mountain National Park. Still free admission through tomorrow. At Bear Lake, we walked a short way to the lake but the path is still mostly covered in icy snow. Rob fell on his ass. There were plenty of witnesses when he tries to deny it, and I know he will. There was a wedding just finishing up. The bride was wearing a Native American white fringed buckskin dress and beaded moccasins on the snow. The guys wore regular tuxes. It was really cold too. I felt bad for the girls. We saw a lot of elk and deer on the way and even a wild turkey right next to the road. We also saw a herd of seven big horn sheep. Coming back into town, there were elk wandering all over town, through the streets, in parking lots, and in yards. They are scruffy looking with their winter coats still on. Tomorrow we’ll go back into the Park.

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