Northern Lights - Churchill, Canada travel blog

Tundra Buggy at 1 a.m.

Tour Group at the edge of Hudson Bay

Bear Trap - prelude to bear jail

View from Northern Studies Reseach Center

Last night we were out in the tundra buggy from 9 p.m. until about 2 a.m. The buggy took us across the frozen Churchill River to a remote spot away from any light pollution to view the aurora borealis. Unfortunately, the aurora did not cooperate and with the clouds we saw neither aurora or stars. This morning we saw a little more of the town and then drove to the bear jail where bears who are caught in the town are held in isolation for 30 days before the are released some 30 miles away. Then we continued along the edge of the bay about 15 miles to the Northern Studies Research Center where they do multi discipline research on the aurora and the environment of the sub arctic. After lunch at the center we visited an Inuit Museum that was filled with carvings, paintings and animals. After a rest it's off to chase the elusive aurora again tonight.

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