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As mentioned in the previous post, I got a late start courtesy of the next-door neighbour but again we took off for the shops at Chilliwack. Today we managed to buy a Magellan 7” GPS Navigator because my little Garmin which I got for my UK trip in 2011 didn’t want to work.

We then found a little Toaster / Convection oven for $44 & did another miscellaneous shop at the Chilliwack Superstore. I now have basic cleaning supplies, some food & drinks &, most importantly, some coat hangars so I can finally get my clothes organised.

We went back to Sears because we all agreed that the electric blanket we saw yesterday for $250 should have been on sale because all the other ones were. We found a sympathetic saleslady who agreed & ended up getting it for 50% off which made it much more affordable.

My Visa card is still broken but the ATM card works so I got away with paying cash for today’s purchases & will contact the bank in San Diego tomorrow.

Our last stop, after a pizza lunch was at O’Connor’s where we met Marcel, the salesman who originally sold me the RV. He wasn’t any help with my water-heater problem but really wants to sell Mike & Judy another motorhome so he invited us all out for dinner with his wife who is also a Shirley.

We came home & Mike played with the new GPS while I sorted out my clothes then, back to Chilliwack & a lively dinner with Marcel & his wife, at O’Connor’s expense. Watched the 2nd last episode of “Anne” on TV which is a dramatization of Anne of Green Gables followed by a super-interesting show on Canadian history called Canada – What made us. Then into my beautifully cosy bed with my new heated blanket.

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