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Breaky Menue

Selfie on the way to the market - wish I had a...

Frightened Mrs Wombat with the shopping

Truck (loosely speaking) full of Lemon Grass

Khmer Coffee

Breakfast - not too bad

As I had hoped, a good sleep made all the difference and the city and everything in it seemed much better in the morning. As we have streets full of cafes around where we are staying, it is a dilemma choosing where to eat. We decide on a nice looking cafe, breakfasts for $3 including tea and coffee and sat back planning our day.

We are hopeless market addicts and even though we had braved Chinatown less than a week earlier, we decide to visit the famous Russian Market. After some haggling and banter and choosing of a "safe" tuk tuk (no, there is no such thing, we are kidding ourselves), off we go with a driver who looks to be the oldest in Cambodia. I had given him the drill, careful, slow etc OMG, the traffic was blood curdling and I found myself praying and promising God that I would be a better person if he just lets me live. Our driver was nice and slow, almost to the point of stopping and he managed to promote much frustration in the traffic behind us.

No matter, we arrived and headed straight into what would have been the friendliest, cheapest and most enjoyable public market ever!

We stop and chat with a couple of Australian women, who give us some tips and then spend an enjoyable 3 hours browsing and yes, buying. I have to keep reminding Mr Wombat (who is a prolific shopper), that we have no room in our luggage, but he pretends not to hear and off he goes. A tuk tuk driver had stitched us up for our return journey, and he spent a lot of time calling to us as we went up and down the endless aisles. I pretended not to hear him, but it didn't deter him, he just shouted louder.

He was also a good driver and we arrive back ready for dinner, drinks and a walk along the riverside area. We spot 'Happy Hour' at a hotel and Mr Wombat enjoys a cheap beer whilst I indulge in a cocktail, the first I have had in about 10 years. A delicious dinner and then a wander along the front of the river before winding our way back.

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