Lidia&Allen SE Asia 2019 travel blog

Lidia in front of Chinatown Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple (oldest in Singapore)

Street Art

Very difficult to convince them to share

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Complex

Pond Lilies in Abundant Bloom

Striated Heron

Esplanade Theatres by the Bay

ArtScience Museum looking back into Marina Bay & Promontory Point (small red-roofed...

Singapore Sling @ Raffles Hotel Long Bar, home of the cocktail

Our Hotel, 1887 Old Opera House, interior atrium

Year of the Pig Convention, I guess ?!

Convention Sow Queen & Hog King

Typical Chinatown building contrast

Awakened refreshed after 10 hours of horizontal-ness; oh the bliss ! No problems with time zone change; +14 hours vav Austin. Maybe after beating up the body & mind for 48 hours, the 14 hour difference pales in comparison.

After a good breakfast ventured out walking to visit the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay. The temperature change then became quite evident - we were no longer in Dallas, 35 degrees F, but Singapore at 95 degrees F ! A bit of a change. Adroitly manuevering progress by maximizing shaded areas greatly enhances the comfort of the walk. As we approach Marina Bay the wind off the water is an added relief.

At the museum we visited the special exhibit on Richard Feynman, who shared the 1965 Nobel Prize in Physics; Feynman was a safe-cracking, bongo playing, mathematical & theoretical genius.

Next we join our birding-buddies from Australia for one day birding in Singapore, and then we all fly to Cambodia.

Ciao for now

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