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I came to visit my good friend, Nils. The train I traveled on to get from Munich to Marburg an der Lahn was an ICE train run by Deutsche Bahn. It was the most modern train I have traveled on to date. I'm not sure how fast they can run, but at one point I observed a readout which showed that we were going 249 Kilometers per hour (which is more than 155 MPH). What a way to travel !!!!! You can walk around to stretch your legs and the dining car was immaculate, as was the whole train. Automatic glass doors are in operation which leave you feeling like a genie as you pass from car to car. The Germans are well known for their efficiency and these trains stand as testament to that reputation. Due to the size of Germany, you can take a train to almost any point within the country. And all of these trains run on clean electricity.

It's an accomplishment and convenience that I wish we had back in the USA, but I suppose all those wasted tracks running from point to point in The States will continue to rust away as Americans become more and more addicted to burning fossil fuels for energy. I could go on and on about the whys and the hows of this gluttonous dependence on non-renewable resources, but suffice it to say, that there are many other ways of doing things. All one has to do is travel outside the country and observe and you can't help but quickly realize that fact. Furthermore, it's obvious that America's example is being followed by massive countries like India and China which will result in more and more "leading nations" vying for an ever decreasing supply. Mother Nature is demanding that we bond together and use our ingenuity to develop better, more accessible ways of powering our technology. And it will happen. But we must all do our parts by discussing these issues with each other. And by voting with our spending habits. That's what the "leaders" will really listen to.

Marburg is a beautiful little city in the heart of Germany. It's a university town (Philips University, founded 1527) built around a castle on the top of a hill that overlooks a quaint river valley. Marburg is the home of the Church Of Saint Elizabeth which was built atop her tomb. The construction begun in 1235 and made the city into one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in the western world.

The Brothers Grimm studied at Philips University and began collecting their stories while living here. Many of the illustrations from the original book were of Marburg and it's surroundings.

My friend Nils was a wonderful guide and proved knowledgable of where to go and what to see in spite of his workday schedule.


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