Rallye Med 2010 travel blog

Promenade des Anglais


Top of the col de Torini

Rick's Healey

one of many tunnels

Chic Santa Margherita

A fabulous day's driving, but a long one!

1. Pack Car

2. Breakfast

3. Charlotte drove for 2 hours along motorway.

4. Coffee with Rally Friends of the organiser at their home above Cannes

5. Drive along Promenade des Anglais, Nice. Nice.

6. Navigation error. Recovery. Drive into mountains to Sospel. Allow engine to cool.

7. Drive up Col de Turini - 0n the Top Gear shortlist of best drives. Fabulous.

8. Drive back down to motorway. Even better than the drive up.

9. To Italy and fill up with petrol.

10. Charlotte drove through tunnel after tunnel with maniac Italians to hotel.

11. Dinner in neighbourhood resturant with Charles & Jane Patchett. Excellent.

12. Exhausted.

Will catch up on photos in Rome tomorrow.

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