LIFES ONE LONG HOLIDAY - 2005 travel blog

12 Apostles

The Arch

View along the Ocean Road - All the way WOW!

London Bridge (has fallen Down!)

Sunset over the 12 Apostles

Forget the rest

Live Bait is Best

I gotta get some fish in my fishin' net

Yes, life on the road is wonderful - until there is nothing on the radio and you are forced to listen to the fishing network. Did pick up a few tips, though, and the above was a special fishing song that I can;t seem to get out my head...

Anyway, we left Melbourne kicking and screaming as we were reluctant to leact all of the comforts of (someone else's home). But we drove away with only anticipation of what might come our way in the next 42 days in a camper van.

Our first destination was the Great Ocean Road - which is exactly as it sounds. Abou 400K on a road that winds along with the Ocean on the southern coast of Australia. Normally in a drive this long I would be asleep for most of it, but I was wide awake the whole time. We could have done it fairly quickly, but I made L stop at every lookout point so that we could breathe in the magnificent scenery below. Once again, the city girl came out in me because I am still so mesmorized by nature. The waves crashing against the rocks sounded to me like the cheering crowd on the opposite end of a huge stadium - distant yet powerful.

We stopped for lunch at Jack's Chicken shack, a small cafe with the menu written in bright colors on blackboards. They charged us $2 each - on top of what we payed for lunch - to sit outside on a picnic table! A bit shocking but we willingly paid and only winged a bit - must've been the fresh air...

Time flew as we drove to the end of the road to a town called Port Campbell. It is here where you find the famous 12 Apostles. They have apparently reincarnated into huge rocks jutting out of the Ocean. Apparently they used to be part of the mounttains, but due to erosion over thousands of years, these rocks have separated from the ocean wall and are now freestandinbg. In another few thousand years they will no longer exist. You can actually only see 7 of them from the famous viewpoint. But still made for a great photo op - and as a bonus, we were there just in time for sunset. Ahhhhhhh.

We then found a campsite and spent most of this exceptionally cold night, sitting by the campfire talking to other backpackers. This campsite had a tv room as well - so we got to catch a very fuzzy episode of Desperate Housewives on a 12" screen as we ate dinner. I was excited about this until I realized I had no clue what had happened on the show in the last 3 months, so it was almost pointless to watch.

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