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Dublin architecture

Sculpture in the city-center

The River Liffee turning pink ( or bloody ? )

Seamus Bond and his assistant showed up to analyze the situation

Beautiful mural on a side street

Grafton Street where I play the role of wandering minstrel

Sculpture near St Stephens Green at the top of Grafton Street

Beach home in Killiney, the area is filled with star residents

Looking down the beach in Killiney

Another beach home. Someone beat me here with a can of spray...

An Irish warning. I love the realism displayed by the dog drawing

The Train Station in Killiney

Steel and glass

The river Liffee runs right through the heart of Dublin. There are so many bridges that run across the river near the city center, that there is little division between the two sides, as in some cities. It's not a large river but I saw it turn red one day. And I hadn't had a single Guiness yet that day. I sure did afterward. (It's true what they say, "Guiness doesn't travel well." It loses something along the way). But I digress. My friend, Dylan, said it was probably something to do with the "Fringe FestivaI" that's been going on here for the last week or so. I snapped a pic of a boat riding through the wake and it was stained pink, but the water looked rather bloody to me. [ I'll post pics soon, I promise ! ]

This is an expensive place, but the livin's pretty good for a city this size. There are a lot of shops and cafes and coffee shops and cobblestone streets and pubs and music. And the Irish are the friendliest bunch of people you'll ever meet ! And they love to sing out ! Good for them. That we all could feel so bold. Around these parts you hear people singing to themselves on the streets and actually whistling while they work. It's lovely.

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