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Edinburgh Castle

The location of the crown jewels at the castle

Edinburgh at sunset

The x-mas fair in the city center

The Holyroodhouse Palace

The view from Arthur Site

Arthur Site

Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness

Inverness on the River Ness at sunset

Kelvingrove Musuem, Glasgow

Hey all,

So after I left CB and Ruairi in Ireland I headed north to Scotland. I flew to Edinburgh and was kindly taken in by Philippa's friends. Edinburgh was beautiful. I spent most of my time walking around the city.

My first day I went to the Edinburgh Castle and it was freezing (about 28F). In the castle, I got to see the old prisons and the crown jewels. I also found some amazing thrift shops where I got some good clothes on the cheap (about the only place in the whole continent to find cheap clothes). That day was also the first day of the Christmas Festival in town and I found myself drinking mulled wine and watching people ice skating. It was so lovely and it made me miss NYC. That night myself and my new roomies all hit up the bars for Mike's (their friend) going away party.

The next day I also spent walking around. The city is a great size to just wonder. I walked down to the Holyroodhouse Palace which is where the Queen stays when she visits Scotland. Besides walking I found myself engaging in another of my favorite activities, hitting up cafes. There are loads in Edinburgh and I sampled quite a few. It always seemed like a good time for tea and soup.

My third day I got up early and did a climb to the top of Arthur Site (an inactive volcano). It was quite a hike up but well worth it for the view. After that I hopped a bus north and went to Inverness.

I spent my only full day in Inverness on a tour to Loch Ness, the home of the famous Loch Ness Monster (Nessy). Unfortunately, it wasn't my lucky day and I didn't get to see the famous mythical creature. However, I did get to go to Urquhart Castle ruins which was pretty cool.

From there I headed back south to Glasgow. As I had been traveling a lot, I took my time in Glasgow. I went to the biggest museum, the Kelvingrove and spent a good bit of time walking around. I found some thrift shops and a few great little places to eat. From Glasgow, I flew to London and met up with my girls, CB and Philippa. More to come on our London adventures.



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