McLeod Family Trip 2010 travel blog

10 June Thursday

Up early and onto the auto route pass through Nice and then into Monaco. Takes a while to get into Monte Carlo with everyone else but we make it and cruise around the streets. Parking is all underground and we are not that keen to take the beast in…might get stuck….but luck is with us as we head towards the Monte Carlo Casino there,s are a park outside Valentinos and its FREE! With Connors and Mums help we squeeze the beast into the park expertly. So we enjoy the sights of Monte Carlo. Boys cannot get over how many Ferraris, Porshe, Audis there are. They see a guy drive up to the casino in a sports car and hand the keys to the doorman who claps his hands for the boy. Seems to be an event on with guests being ferried in Limosines. Monte Carlo is looking expensive and beautiful.Gardens are immaculate and a riot of colour. We jump onto the Formula 1 racetrack for a few minutes and then head out.

Back on the auto route and over the border into Italy. No passport control these days. Straight in. The auto route heads through fifty odd tunnels as many viaducts. Incredible. Take a wrong off ramp and end up in Genoa which slowed us down. Start looking for camp grounds, but very little so onto La Spezia, nothing at all there so we decide although late to keep going for Lucca. We make it around 8pm and find a Youth Hostel so decide to rest up here. Its cool and clean. Long day for all of us.

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