London to Sydney 2005 travel blog

Other road users

Rick hitching a lift on a bus

The welcome in Lahore

One of our best days driving. We left Multan at 7.10am and arrived in Lahore at 2.30pm with a number of stops on the way. The road was good in most places so we were able to make good speed. We stopped at about 9.00 am at Harappa - a town built in 2500BC. There was a civilisation based on the Indus valley which was, apparently, a peaceful agricultural one. It didn't last as long as the more belligerent ones. The ruins were not terribly exciting except that it is amazing to see bricks made so long ago. There were, however, some lovely things in the museum - apart from the usual pots: many games, a chess set and toy carts with bullocks as well as tablets with pictures of animals. Unfortunately, no post cards and no photography allowed.

We stopped for a cold drink in the local village and made some new friends. We then set off with two other cars who like to go at about the same speed as us but only progressed to the level crossing a few miles down the road. We waited 25 minutes in view of a stationary train and then the gates were opened without any progress on the part of the train.. Meanwhile, we got hot and made some more friends. Rick thought that the bus might be quicker - see photo.

We had a police escort through one town - Robin thought that it was fun. I thought that it was a little quick. We had another escort into Lahore so for once we went straight to the hotel.

After a swim (both sexes at one time here) dinner was laid on by the Punjab sports ministry. They are really pushing out the boat for us here. Apparently there is a cocktail party this evening. The music on our arrival was much less noisy and persistent than in Multan.

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