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Our first view of the Caribbean Sea

Our very nice and large hotel room

The view from our hotel room


We gave ourselves 3 days to get to Guiria, buy our Ferry tickets, and catch the ferry to Trinidad - but it started to go awry pretty much immediately!! There was no space on any bus heading towards Guiria from Cuidad Bolivar, so after a lot of searching, we settled for a bus to Puerto La Cruz, which is at least on the north coast! We arrived at 1am, and the room we'd reserved had gone - reserving by 'phone doesn't work in Venezuela! Looking lost and refusing to go away does tho, so we got a room. Our other tiny problem was that we had no money, and no way of getting any - the best way to get money in Venezuela is to have dollars (in fact, the ferry company told us they would only accept dollars), but we didn't know that before we arrived, and we quickly ran out of dollars and then found that none of the ATMs work with our cards. Luckily, Lorraine and Alan were able to help us (thank you thank you thank you!!), and we even spent the night in a hotel with a huge bed, beautiful view, and... a BATH!!! (Thank you Alan!!)

Puerto La Cruz itself has a lovely seafront (hello Caribbean Sea!), and a lovely park with lots of (camera-shy) iguanas. It wasn't a bad place to be stranded - especially since we had a posh hotel room to relax in!!

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