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Screw Auger Falls at Grafton Notch Park

Helen enjoying the falls

Much churning and movement of water

Tadpoles in the potholes in the granite.

Some of the cervasses are quite deep.

More cracks and rock movement

Enjoying Bear River

Mother Walker Falls

The reflection of the trees in a quiet pool

The falls before they disappear behind a rock and plunge 40 feet...

The entrance to Moose Cave, named after a moose who fell into...

Appalachian Trail heads through this area.

The upper part of Maine is proving to be very interesting with its rivers and mountains. We continue to find trails to hike and places that take our breath away. We just returned from Grafton Notch State Park.The Appalachian Trail crosses through the park on the way to Katahdin in Baxter State Park. The final days of a thru hike must be very exhausting given the height of the mountains it travels through. Walking any of the trails in the park during the bright sunlight was like walking over sparkling crystals. The mica is interspersed throughout the granite, reflecting the sun. Still no moose in Maine despite the signs. We just can't get up at dawn to drive the wooded country roads, but you'd think one moose could make an appearance at dusk.

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