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Entrance to walkway to the falls

We walked on lots of boardwalks in the trees

Our first view of the falls through the trees

Just a trickle of water going over the brink of the falls


Ruins of the Champion Electric Company



Mary at the ruins of the Champion Electric Co.

Info Sign on The Village of Brandywine that is no more

Lee on the boardwalk

Info on Brandywine Falls







Us at Brandywine falls







We packed a picnic lunch today and headed for the Cuyahoga Valley National Park which is between Cleveland and Akron, Ohio. This National Park is more urban than any of the other National Parks we've visited. In fact, it gets a little confusing as you are driving around because you continue to go in and out of the park!

Our first stop was at Brandywine Falls. You can park and take a short trail and boardwalk to the falls. It was fun walking the boardwalk and seeing the huge trees and the rock formations along the way. We also passed the ruins of the Champion Electric Company that produced restaurant appliances until 1937 when the factory was destroyed by lightning. This factory was built near the ruins of the Old Grist Mill and we didn't see any sign of the Grist Mill ruins. This was the last industry in Brandywine Village.

Brandywine Falls is very picturesque. The falls are 60' tall with rocks at the base of the falls that were formed millions of years ago. Brandywine Creek and the bridal veil cascade began about 10,000 years ago after the last Ice Age. Today, however, there was just a trickle of water going over the top of the falls so they were not as impressive as they have been in years past. One woman we met said this was the least amount of water going over these falls that she has seen. Even with the drought, the falls are pretty impressive. We would have loved to see them when they were really flowing well.

We ran into a woman at the overlook and we took her picture and she took ours. I love it when that happens because otherwise, we never would have a couples picture!

Next we are heading to the Ledges part of the park.

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