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Barnaby the backpacking bear in full xmas spirit

Michael preparing to cook




The Caroni Swamp in Trinidad where the national bird (the Scarlet Ibis)...





These birds are very noisy! - they live side by side with...






The stunning Scarlet Ibis birds of Trinidad that fly in by the...









The entire family went to this primary school


The northern coast of Trinidad (and Mrs Claus











Da's College





Our lovely bed with sunflowers over our head (thanks Mom) and trusted...





Leah is actually smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!! (they only needed to bribe her with a...








Our Christmas table

Tara in her present from Mom




Christmas Dinner





The bird santuary






David pointing out the 'Fairy Wood' walk we were about to do







The very nice sulphur lagoons of Trinidad's Pitch Lake (the only lake...



Maqueripe bay

Kayaking in Chaguaramas Bay








Eli and Dom's pool and fantastic place


No comment



There is Tara's 'Trini Treat'












Tara swimming the rope out to hold our boat in place






New Year's Eve





Lorraine pulling party poppers


New Year was so tiring that Da fell asleep sitting up!!

New Year sparklers (called 'starlights' in Trinidad)


We spent two weeks in Trinidad, speaking English (!!), eating Trini food (and especially Mom's New Year's turkey, Lorraine's Christmas dinner, and David's deserts!), and most of all enjoying spending time with family and friends (and the dogs, who finally got used to us!). All Mom's preparations, and Leah's smile when she got her new laptop (!!) made Christmas. We were also lucky to be able to tag along with Michael, David, Lorraine, and Marianne on their excursions, so we got to visit the pitch lake and soak in the sulphur waters there, relax on Maracas Bay on Christmas Eve, kayak at Chaguaramas, walk up to Maqueripe Bay, watch the scarlet ibises coming home to roost at Caroni Swamp, visit the wildfowl sanctuary, and spend a blissful New Year's Eve day (or 'Old Year's Day' here) sailing to the islands on the McFarlan's beautiful boat (thank you!!).

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