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September 11 – 13

Having ended our time in New Mexico our focus was now on Memphis, Tennessee. The only problem was that Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas were in the way which meant a large amount of driving over 3 days.

Now I don’t have anything against those 3 States and I’m sure they have many wonderful things to see and do, they’re just not on the trip agenda unless something jumps out at us as a ‘must see’.

As the I-90 was our main drive westward, the I-40 has become our main drive eastward. The interest is in seeing the changing scenery as we move east. For most of our time in Texas we looked out on a great expanse of nothingness. Miles of open dirt fields, some with large numbers of cattle with no grass to eat and lay on. I’m told this area is called the dust bowl and I can see why.

Western Oklahoma was similar to Texas though it did appear to have a little more greenery. The more we drove east the more green appeared and the open flat plains evolved into rolling hills. After passing by Oklahoma City the outlook changed vastly and we knew that the desert scenery we have lived in over the last month was long gone.

The hours driving were long on this section so we looked to break things up by finding State parks with lakes to swim in. We found one in Texas and another in Oklahoma to splash around in and take the heat out of our bodies. Amy even filled a container with mud to take home which she says will help with her facial regime.

The drive across Arkansas included a stop in Little Rock to walk around the Clinton Presidential Library. Better informed people than me tell me he was a good President so I will go by their opinion. From the displays on show he certainly did a lot for his people and also took impressive steps in helping bring waring countries together.

What impressed me was the life size Oval Office set out exactly as he had it during his terms and video footage of him making fun of himself. I hold a person in high regard if they can poke fun at themselves and not take every situation so seriously. I’ll give him points for that.

Heading in & out of Little Rock we crossed the Arkansas River which only a couple of weeks ago we were white water rafting on. It is certainly wider and calmer at this end. Another river we crossed for the second time is the Mississippi as we drove into Tennessee and our next main stop, Memphis.

So 3 States in 3 days and plenty of what ifs about what we missed in those States. That can all be found out on the next road trip. With only 5 weeks before I fly home I am happy about the decisions we have made to get us where we are.

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