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Ship wreck off the coast

Ship wreck off the coast

It's never fun to wake up with a hangover. But this one for me was a killer. But, the road doesn't understand hangovers and neither do husbands. So we were off again - with one mandatory stop at McDonalds to soften the huge blow to my head. Btw, All the McD's here have McCafe's attached to them, where they sell cappucinos and cakes apparently competing now with Starbucks. Interesting...

Fortunately we didn't have too far to drive. The next destination: Newcastle. What should have taken us 2 hours to get there took more like 6 bc we took the tourist route thinking it would be like the Great Ocean road. Waste of time considering we only saw the water once and it was a small lake we had to pay to see bc we had to cross over it via a ferry. Oh well, at least we weren't in a rush.

Arrived in Newcastle, checked into the campsite on the beach and did some exploring. Walked along Shipwreck Walk, which commemorates the 9 ships that wrecked in the area early last century. The remains of one of them was rusting away in the water next to the walk. We then took the ferry across the river into town and we walked along the boardwalk, watched the surfers and looked for a place to have lunch. All of the places along the water were packed bc it was Mother's Day in Australia -- and they were overpriced. We were about to give up -- when we saw glowing in the distance the Harry's sign. Thought we died and went to heaven. Harry's Cafe de Wheels -the twin of the one we went to in Sydney - was right in front of us! So we had a Tiger Pie and a Tiger Dog and suddenly I forgot I had a hangover!

We got in touch with a couple (Tony and Jo) we had met while spending a fortune in Hoi An who lived in town and they invited us to dinner at their house that night. They live across the street from the beach in the house Jo grew up in. Therefore their kids have grown up surfing, sailing, you name it. We had total house envy.

We had a few beers, Tony threw steak on the barbie and we had a great dinner with them and their family, including 2 dogs and a cat. Felt like we had been friends forever. Again, we were reluctant to leave the comforts of (someone else's) home, but we had to catch the last ferry back at 10:00. So we thanked them for having us over and we were off again!

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