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1610 organ

Another hot day.

We headed to the town of Hillerød to visit Fredericksborg Castle As you entered the town there was no problem in spotting the castle it was huge. After parking up we started our exploration of the castle and its grounds.

Since the Middle Ages a property has sat on the islands of the current castle. It was King Frederik II who obtained the property in 1560 as a palace and named the castle Frederiksborg. It was his son King Christian IV in 1599 who instigated major restoration work which involved the old main buildings being pulled down and replaced by a magnificent new Renaissance Castle. This is the castle seen today a really stunning building.

Throughout the seventeenth century, Frederiksborg Castle was often used as a royal residence, but over the following centuries it seldom got used except when Danish kings got anointed in the Chapel at Frederiksborg Castle. In 1859 the castle was devastated by fire and a national appeal was set up led by J C Jacobsen founder of the Carlsberg brewery. In 1878 it became the Museum of National History under the Carlsberg Foundation.

Tony with Daisy found a shady spot in the lovely castle gardens overlooking the lake while Heather explored the castle.

The most stunning part of the castle was the Coronation Chapel (which had not been damaged by the fire) added to by being lucky to hear the 1610 Compenius organ being played. The organ required somebody at the back pulling ropes for the bellows. The acoustics in the chapel were just amazing. The other rooms such as the Great Hall, Audience Chamber and Knights Hall were stunningly elaborate. There were also several exhibitions on the royal family which made interesting reading.

Finally we all explored the gardens further before heading back to base. Another good day but very hot!

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