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Ghirardelli didn't find gold, but made millions on chocolate!

Bay and Alcatraz

Diana & Sue at Golden Gate

Downtown from the Vista Point near the Golden Gate

The Golden Gate, that used to be painted International Red - Fort...

He was the bridge builder

Lonely Sailor - in the middle of a roundstone memorial for the...

Unique view of bridge from the Memorial to seagoing servicemen

Ocean Beach - water is too cold to swim in all year

waterfront housing - cheap! Whole family lives in small houses to pay...

Dutch windmill in a park, used to get water for city (now...

Downtown SF & Market Street

Part of Lombard Street - the crookedest in the world

Fun & Free - lots of old mechanical entertainment machines that take...

One of the better mechanical exhibits - an amusement park in action

Diane trying to hire the original Mrs. Doubtfire - sure looked real!

Cable car at one end of its trip - the line was...

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View from Golden Gate's northern point

I had the pleasure of exploring the sites and sounds of San Francisco with Sue and Diana, as they are visiting the city before going up the coast to Sue's niece's wedding at a state park near Fort Bragg on Saturday.

What a glorious day! It was warm, but not too warm, and sunny instead of foggy, as Junes typically are in this city on the Bay and ocean. We started by taking a bus tour for over 3 hours. It was well worth it because we saw many things we wouldn't have been able to on our own (would have gotten very lost, from what I can see!) and learned alot about the history and culture of San Francisco from the driver. He is Latino but was very hard to understand at times. For instance public is pronounced by him as pewblic where the b is hardly heard.

Lots of movies were filmed in San Francisco and one can see why - the city is very picturesque and full of character. Sue and Diana could recall lots of films and their hotel (Bijou) is themed around S.F. movies. In fact they show movies every night that were filmed in S.F., and the rooms are named after locally filmed movies, too. THey stayed in the American Graffiti room.

Bay windows were invented in San Francisco, did you know that? They made the most use out of very little space by giving a room a bigger feel and more light. Today, lots of houses need garages because when they were built, there were no cars. Since there is no available land to be bought, the problem is solved by raising the houses and building the garage underneath it! Houses go for millions of dollars here. The cheapest ones are ocean front homes that go for close to $1 million! The homes on the beach are cheapest because the weather is the poorest there year round.

Okay, enough trivia for one journal entry, eh? On to the good stuff. The tour passed by lots of things that make San Francisco famous, but not a Rice-a-roni restaurant or factory or store! I'm not going to remember half of them and I have no pictures because the bus can't stop all the time. I am very tempted to come back on my own and follow the 49-mile self-driving tour by following the road signs. If I do that, I will make one detour so that I travel down the crookedest street in America, a small section of Lombard Street. Ooh - I have to tell you the story behind the road. It was built to go back and forth down the very steep hill so the horses wouildn't pull the carriages too fast. There must not have been rudimentary roads down other hills (49 of them in S.F.) at that time or there would be a multitude of crooked streets!

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