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Snazzy new haircuts!

Our final couple of days in Ulaan Bataar were spent souvenir shopping, writing this for you and getting hair cuts. We also moved guesthouse as the one we were staying was run by a money hungry Korean bloke who charged for every single possible service he could. As well as this, the toilet did not flush, the mattresses were so hard they gave you bruises in the morning and the free breakfast was stale bread and jam - absolute rubbish. So we moved into an apartment with two rooms for rent and 'Mama' our Mongolian landlady slept in the front room!

We also had a final farewell night with the group and the drivers for the last few 'tock-toys' (Mongolian for cheers) and of course the token gropes and ogling from the drivers!

Mongolian Fact Summary:

Currency: 1,200 Togrog = $1 US

Beer: (Chinggis, Hite and Cass) = 80c US per can in supermarket or $2 US in restaurants and bars

Food costs: 60c US for a snickers and restaurant meals in UB approx $6 US

Food: Outside of UB the local ate mainly goat, sheep, camel and horse. Buuz are fatty meat dumplings,khuushuur (fatty meat deep fried pancakes) and Mongolian noodles (with you guessed it, fatty meat on top), were the main Mongolian dishes we tried.

Climate: Between 30-40 degrees c in the Gobi and up north it was slightly cooler at around 17 degrees up at the northern lakes

Worst things: UB Guesthouse, the 'track' roads, dust ingestion, fatty meat, smelly longdrops, Mongolian drivers and their vodka habits and flies/mossies and bugs.

Best things: Felt souvenirs, normal food in UB, the countryside and bactrian camels and yaks

Would we come back? Probably not - once is enough. If you have a choice, go to Kyrgystan insetad as it is much less touristy and has more spectacular scenery.

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