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September 18 – 24

“Here it is” you said

And it got in my head

That you could sit here for a week

I see it, I feel it

No more need to speak it

This could be the place that we seek

The stream babbling along

Calls out a sweet song

You both seem kind of friendly

Build a fire, that’s the way

Please don’t let thing go astray

We all have time a plenty

The trees all around

Immersed from the ground

Are changing their colour with the season

It’s that time of the year

It happens, no fear

And for that I have no other reason

To the buildings we saw

And the graves held in awe

The history has come to our fore

Into the treasure we both drove

On this drive through Cades Cove

It was a pleasure that called out for more

Along the trail to a waterfall

We witnessed leaves fall

And the river cruised by with a greet

The fish swam to meet

When we paddled our feet

And the camera got wet and all

Mother bear in the tree

For everyone to see

Eating acorns from the mid branches

While the brave young cub

Without need of a sub

Climbed higher, and took his risky chances

And the night’s rain overhead

Caused a stir in the bed

From the soft warm body beside me

"It’s ok” I said

“Let’s cuddle instead”

Until sleep takes us back to our dreaming

The fog through the trees

See the mountains with ease

That fold onto each other with their hue

The colour is blue

As you look at the view

To the eye they really do please

And the towns nearby

Light up the night sky

With neon and lights a plenty

Fun and games to be had

For which I am glad

Not to leave this place feeling empty

This park is a wonder

Unlike any other

The danger is it might seem hokey

With all that’s on offer

I can say it’s worth the bother

To visit this wonder called Smokey

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