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Out on Prince William Sound again today. We got to visit the Columbia Glacier and see lots of wild life.

Wild life seen today


Black Oystercatcher

Black Legged Kittiwakes

Pigeon guillemot

Horned Puffin


Tufted Puffin


Arctic Tern

Steller Sea Lion:

Large males average 1,200 pounds, females up to 650 pounds. They eat during the night, sunning and resting on rocks during the day. Bull Head is mostly a bachelor colony. They are noted their boisterous bellowing

Humpback Whale:

These whales are baleen feeders, consuming nearly a ton of food a day, mostly plankton and krill. They migrate 6000 miles to reach their summer feeding grounds in Alaska. Humpbacks average 45 feed and weigh 35-45 tons.

Sea Otter:

Know as the "Old man of the sea", sea otters are the largest member's of the weasel family in North America males weighing up to 100 pounds. When not eating consuming nearly 25% of their weight daily, they float on their backs, grooming and resting.

Harbor Seal:

This seal, with the round head and large eyes, is not as social as the sea lions. Females with pups are seen up on the ice bergs near glaciers. They dive up to 600 feet to retrieve their food. With their short front flippers, they are not agile or safe on land.

So, again we got to see a lot of sealife out there, so fun. We also got to see a bear earlier in the day before our trip, we were killing time driving around, and I was saying to B, hey lets go check out that road where the river is that the bears are supposed to be eating the salmon. Right then, a black bear ran across the road about 15 feet ahead of us. We also went over to the fish hatchery, it is crazy how many Salmon are there. The hatchery lets the frys out there, and of course they come back two years later to spawn. The Pinks are running right now, they put 230 million fry go there, and only 2% make it back.

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