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Tucson High Rise building

Area around the Casa Grande Ruins

The great house with the steel roof protecting it

interior view of the Great house

smaller house ruins

Steel roof detail (built in 1930's)

Great horned owl standing guard

We were both fighting a cold and rested with minimum outings Wednesday and Thursday. Friday Ed worked in the morning and then we went to a different gem show venue at the Convention Center. This was more of a retail show but had good prices (at least 50% of the retail price). There was a lot of finished jewelry, polished stones, beads and gems for display. Judie was really taken by all the different gems and minerals from all over the world that were displayed and the prices of these items for display. It's hard to explain all the things on display.

Saturday Judie went shopping with Pat and Ed worked around the trailer in the morning. In the afternoon we went on a trip down to the Benson Area to see the area South of Tucson and the RV Park in St David. After a shock when we drove into the wrong St David RV Park (a real dump) we found the one where we will be staying in a couple weeks. The Western Horizons Park looks fine!! In Benson we came upon a dinosaur replica in front of a McDonald's and took some pictures for Trevor and Jenna to enjoy.

Sunday we cleaned house. did laundry and packed the trailer to get ready for moving day. We had a 8 am appointment Monday at Beaudry RV to have the diamond plate on the front of the trailer replaced. We did go out for a Chinese Dinner with Pat Sunday night and said goodbye for now. We feel sorry for her as she now has the sinus cold that seems to be making the rounds in the Tucson area.

Well, we had the trailer at Beaudry RV a little after 8am as planned and they had it completed by 1:30. We headed for Apache Junction by the back roads (Highway 87/79/60) and the town of Coolidge.

Coolidge is the home of the Casa Grande Ruins built in the 1300's AD. It is a National Park and was the first archaeological dig funded by the federal government in 1883. In 1938 they built a steel structure and steel roof over the Great House to protect it from further erosion. This structure was a major project at the time. Judie was able to take pictures of the ruins.

A Great Horned Owl is currently standing guard over the nest and his mate. According to the ranger, the pair have laid eggs for 3-4 years in the roof. For the first couple years, the eggs rolled off the steel girders and broke. The employees built a nest for them and the owls have finally laid their eggs in the nest for the first time this year.

We made it to the RV Park and setup by 6pm. This ends another busy moving day. Ed will fly to Maine on Wed. and return on Friday. Judie plans to explore the area of Superstition Mountain and Apache Junction while he's in Maine.

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