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Didi enjoying a swing







In the Tar Tunnel






Inside a bottle oven

Bottle oven






Shrewsbury Castle now a museum

Charles Darwin



The Dingle





Hazel and Didi had come to join us for a few days during the half term break at Shrewsbury.

Day 1 saw us in the morning visiting Blist Hill Victorian Village part of the Ironbridge collection of museums. Taking old buildings from around the area a Victorian Village has been created to recreate how one of the villages would have been at the peak of the Industrial Revolution. This is a working museum with a wide selection of properties from a squatter’s house to a working iron foundry. Didi particularly enjoyed making candles, swinging high on the Victorian swing, going up the incline railway and then taking a trip down a mine.

From the village we went to explore the Tar Tunnel. Donning hard hats we walked along this brick lined tunnel where miners digging in 1787 struck a spring of natural bitumen which has seeped out of the walls for over 200 year. Just along the old canal we then walked to the Coalport China Museum. While Didi enjoyed painting a mug as a Christmas surprise for her Dad, the older generation explored the museum which had two splendid old distinctive bottle-shaped chimneys of two surviving bottle ovens.

Day 2 saw us exploring the town of Shrewsbury with one of the mystery trails to keep Didi amused. It was an interesting way to explore the town. The town had a beautiful river front particularly the Dingle a former quarry now a garden. The town was mixture of medieval, Georgian and Victorian and had some famous former residents such as Charles Darwin who went to school there and Wilfred Owen.

Day 3 saw us return to Ironbridge to visit the bridge and the small village before Didi and Hazel visited the Enginuity museum (a mini science museum) and the older generation visited the former homes of the Darby family and experienced the everyday life of Coalbrookdale’s Quaker ironmasters.

Finally it was time to say goodbye for now to Didi and Hazel.

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