Alaska Team 2006 travel blog

Today began early with our devotion and hurrried breakfast. We were all in a flurry to have our bags ready in the lobby before the Partner's staff and our rental vehicles arrived. Then we ran into a glitch. Only one vehicle (instead of two as requested) was delvered from the vehicle rental company, and they had no more to loan. Partner's staff came to our rescue, and made a few phone calls to secure a second vehicle for us --- one of their own (THANKS, GREG)! We then loaded the trucks, tied down the tarps, split ourselves into three trucks, and were on our way to Mae Sot. We had planned to stop along the way to ride the elephants, but decided it best to cancel this plan since we had a much later start than expected. Our trip would normally take about three hours, but took us about five hours, as convoys just move slower. We stopped along the way only for gasoline, snacks, and toilet breaks. We arrived at the Porn Tep hotel only to discover that they did not hold all of our reserved rooms. Once again the Partner's staff rescued us with a phone call to a nearby hotel who was able to accomodate us. We were all relieved, and pleasantly surprised to be checking-into the beautiful accomodations of the Central Hills Hotel. We unloaded our many bags and action-packers into the lobby, and were then assisted by bell-hops to get it unloaded to our appropriate rooms. As it was late, and we were all fading, we had dinner in the hotel's restaurant. We were met by friends and more of Partner's staff for dinner, and informed of our exciting plans for the next couple of days. None of us had any trouble sleeping this night.

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