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Da: A 'paseaperros' (professional dog walker)

Da: A pretty church near the Embassy

Da: I spent most of my day here!

Da: Interesting statue!

Da: City of contrast - big buildings and a big cart

Tara: My horse, 'Malquerido'

Tara: Miguel, my guide for the day

Tara: The view on the way up the mountains - the town...

Tara: Llamas!

Tara: Our lunch spot (and Miguel)

Tara: Our horses at lunchtime

Tara: Looking for a place to break through the fence!

Tara: Miguel breaking down a fence for us to pass through!

Tara: See, I really was there too!

Tara: Wait for me!

Tara: The mountains in the far distance are where we've been!

Tara: An estancia (ranch) kitten who liked a cuddle

Da's day: I got back to BA early this morning, and was at the Embassy by the time they opened. Luckily the very helpful man there said he could get the passport done by later today, so I don't have to stay here tonight (I can spend another 11 hours on bus again instead!!). I spent most of the day sitting in the pretty parks near the Embassy (well, that and carrying my pack between there and the Embassy & the bus station!).

Tara's day: I woke up in beautiful La Cumbre, which is a really friendly small town in the sierras. I'm the only person staying in the hostel, which is more like a big house, and has three very friendly resident golden retrievers. Because I'm the only person staying I feel more like a guest - the family (including 4 kids under 9!) are really welcoming, and invited me to eat with them. I spent the day horseriding in the montains with Miguel, a local man who spoke only Spanish (so conversation was fun 'cos my Spanish isn't coming along very quickly!). I had a fantastic day - great riding, amazing scenery, and we stopped at Miguel's friend's house for some maté (a local drink that everyone has with them constantly, and which I'd been wanting to try). The maté was like very hot, sweet, strong herbal tea that you drink from a special cup through a metal straw - but it quite nice (and me drinking it amused them vey much!). I felt very guilty having such a good day while Da was stuck in BA, but he was very glad that he got out of the horse riding (I think getting his passport stolen was a bit of an extreme way to avoid riding!!).

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