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Signs like this are everywhere in the Rio Grande Valley

Lee heading across the bridge to Mexico

The road into Progreso

The Rio Grand River

The Border Fence

We are at the Boundary Line

Now we are in Mexico

he Border Station


Monument as you come into Progreso

The Arizona Room Restaurant is Upstairs in this Building

Main Street and Signs

Vendor Getting His Stuff Ready to Sell


More of Progreso

And more

And More

Young Pharmacist at Jessica's Pharmacy

Restaurant/Bar attached to the Pharmacy



Lots of dentists in Progreso

Lots of stuff for Sale - they line the streets

Newer building with apartments above

Since we were out of some of my medications, we decided to head over to Progreso today. We also decided to get our teeth cleaned. We parked in our usual parking lot right outside Progreso for $5 for the day. Then we walked across the bridge over the Rio Grande River.

Then we headed straight to the dentist's office. We have been going to Dr. Jorge Muestre to get our teeth cleaned. He is pretty popular and the exam rooms and clinic are sparkling clean with up-to-date dental equipment. When we arrived we were told that there was a two hour wait to get our teeth cleaned. So, we put our name on the list and headed over to the pharmacy. We normally buy at Jessica's Pharmacy but when we got there, they had moved down the street. They have a new building and have added a little restaurant and bar. They have always offered a free drink or tequila while you are waiting for your order. Since they had to have a runner pick up our meds, we went into the restaurant and had a coke.

By the time we finished the coke, our medications were bagged up and we paid for our medications and headed back to the main street. Jessica's is one block west of the main street. Back on main street, we wandered up the street browsing all the small stalls offering everything you can think of and we wandered through some of the shops.

I found a purse I liked on the street and we bought that and then later on we found some replacements for the tropical birds that we hang on our shepherd hooks. Then we headed over to the dentist's office. We didn't sit long before we were called. We both had our teeth cleaned and checked for $20 each. While we were waiting we ran into friends in the waiting room. Then later on we ran into other friends as we walked over the bridge back into the United States. We didn't have any trouble getting across the border.

When we got across the border, we stopped at Peter Piper Pizza because we were starving. Peter Piper's is a popular place for kids and seniors alike. We love their crust. In the evenings and weekends, the place is just crammed full of people celebrating birthdays so it is best to go for lunch. Then it isn't so crazy.

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