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Rutherford B. Hayes

Rutherford B. Hayes Home ... Fremont OH ... Authentically restored ... wonderful

Cleveland Skyline

Downtown Cleveland Waterfront ... Ore Boat ... looks like Duluth, eh?

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame / Museum



Hank Williams Sr ... what an outfit ...





The Wall

The Wall

Downtown Cleveland from the waterfront

Johnny Cash ... Home on the Road

A fairly quick trip through Ohio ... 30 hours or so ... but enough to get the three R's of Bob'n'Bon's travel accomplished for this post. The three R's ??? ... that would be Rutherford, Rock and Roll ... you ask, what???? Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in Fremont OH and the famed Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Get it??? ... the three R's???

We have enjoyed stopping at Presidential Centers throughout the country in our travels ... we are at at least 10 such centers so far ... mmmm ... let's see, how many more does that make??? Anyone smart enough out there to know how many we've still to do???

Haye's home in Fremont is an authentic restoration with all original furnishings (furniture, paintings, etc). Flooring, drapes, wallpaper have been duplicated exactly as they were. It is one of the best presidential homes we have visited ... it's authenticity was a surpise and unparalleled in our travels. It also was a surprise because neither one of us had any idea of the impact of the presidency of Rutherford B. Hayes ... who lost the popular vote, but won in the electoral vote ... because his party held the majority of votes in the committee established to investigate the states in question. So ... what's new????

Today ... the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum ... this is a must see if you ever travel I-90 East. It was a total trip down memory lane in our music history. It is a full day event ... we needed more time ... but the parking meter did not help us any. If coming thru this area again, we will stop for more. Check it out on line: http://www.rockhall.com/ ... and put it on your list of things to do when you travel east ... you will not be disappointed.

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