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The mass graves

A poster on the wall

School classroom converted into prison cells

Mass grave sign

Skulls in the Stupa

S21 prison

Wat phnom

As arranged, our faithful taxi driver was out in front of our hotel at 9am, ready for our day of sight seeing, he opened the door for us, gave us a bottle of cold water, and as he headed off, we arranged where we would go and how much it would cost.

The journey was about 4.5 hours and his cost $40 USD.

First stop was the Killing Fields. This is the actual site where Pol Pot murdered millions of Cambodians in a Genocide that is just impossible to believe. A guided, self paced audio tour lets you understand the atrocities that were committed, shows where the mass graves were discovered, the exhumations of bodies and the Buddhist Stupa with 5 floors of skulls and bones. This is what I class as recent history and difficult to believe it took place in the '70s and '80s It is important to visit these areas and learn all about the history, it will absolutely give you a better understanding of what this poor country and its people have endured. Today, the outcome of this era is reflected in the lack of education, the lack of knowledge and trades, areas of abject poverty and the noticeable absence of numbers of elderly people.

After leaving this site, Rinda was awaiting with a cool taxi and more water, as we headed off to S21 Genocide Museum. S21 was the site where Pol Pot had his military people tortured, if there was even a suspicion that they were not complying with what was required of them. This site was originally a school which had been seized and converted to a prison, complete with torture rooms, a sickening place, but one that must be visited to complete the picture of the Pol Pot Regime of the late 70's.

Time to head back to the cab for our next stop- Wat Phnom.

We have seen many Wats over the years and no doubt will as the weeks go on, however, this one was particularly beautiful,with a great history and right in Phnom Penh.

We spent about 30 minutes wandering and enjoying the grounds and the Wat, but it was time to call it a day, head back to our Hostel and bid farewell to a lovely man. We paid him $45 for a great job well done and an extremely high level of service, he was most grateful.

We stopped at our favourite little coffee cart just outside of the hostel where we had our usual - Mr Wombat - Cafe Latte Hot and Mrs Wombat- Iced Mocha, costing all of $2.50 USD.

Back to the room to cool off and snooze before an evening out.

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