Rallye Med 2010 travel blog

Roman Bridge at Merida

Roman Theatre

I started the day by going for a brisk 30 minute walk with Jenny W around the narrow streets of Caceres. We have two Jennies, two Rogers and three Stuarts. Robin fetched the car from the car park which was a short distance from the hotel on foot but much further in the car owing to the tortuous streets and hills.

Today was a motorway day. We drove to Merida where we viewed a roman hippodrome, a bridge, an aqueduct, an amphitheatre and a theatre!

There was then more motorway to Seville. It is very hot in the car on the motorway. Outside temperatures were up to 33C by the time we reached Seville. Our air conditioning (retro fitted) is a joke really. It makes a marginal difference and means that we can keep the windows closed and avoid the noise - while we listen to 'Composer of the week' podcast: Brahms on the iPod player. Tomorrow it will be 'teach yourself Arabic'.

Off now to have a wander arouns Seville with Rick and Di and to find some tapas for supper.

Meanwhile, disaster has struck. We (i.e. Robin) have managed to leave the pegless washing line in the bathroom at last night's hotel. We do have a spare, but it is not the nice one we are used to using.

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