LIFES ONE LONG HOLIDAY - 2005 travel blog

Mooloolaba Campsite

Linda suggested we pass through Mooloolooba (pronounced Moowoolooba) because they had really cool toilets on the beach. We never made it to the toilets but we did like the area so we decided to stay for the night.

The campsite had a private entrance to the beach, which looked the same as Byron Bay beach but the water was a lot calmer. Great swimming but with no waves to ride, not as much fun to swim in. Within minutes of settling on our square patch of sand, we looked out into the sea and saw dolphins playing. We counted 7. The more we watched the closer they got - so close that we could've gone swimming with them! But they didn't stick around long enough for that.

After a long, hard day on the beach we went back to the campsite for a nap to prepare for the moment Lawrence has been waiting all year for - the FA Cup Final - Manchester United v. Aresenal. We checked in advance at the Surf Club near the campsite to make sure they were showing the game which (he thought) started at 11pm - and they said they were so he was thrilled and relieved we could walk there. Arrived at 9pm for a bit of hair of the dog. 11:00 rolls around and no game. Ooops! It starts at midnight! Oh well, we were happy to wait that hour out -- that is, until they closed the place on us! What? They promised!!! Apparently didn't know what game we were talking about...

Luckily for me, there was a club around the corner which was showing the game. Had to wait in a long queue to get in but made it jsut in time for the kickoff. Huge club - they showed the game - with no sound - on a tiny tv in the corner. But that was enough for us.

It was a great game indeed, and for those if you who don't follow football, the result wasn't exactly what we hoped for. Man U lost 5-4 in a penalty shootout! Considering the game didn't end til 3:30am, Man U could've at least won!!! Oh well.

Made for a very bummed, very hungover husband the next day. But he took it a lot better than I thought he would... Probably can't say the same for Scholes, the one who missed that penalty shot...

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