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Today we visited Croft Castle near Leominster. The Croft estate was founded by a Norman knight, Bernard the Bearded around 1055. Under orders from Edward the Confessor, Bernard built the first Croft Mote and Bailey castle to protect the English borders from the troublesome Welsh.

The Croft family have played key roles in British history over years. During the Wars of the Roses, Sir Richard Croft fought beside Edward Mortimer at the Battle of Mortimer's Cross in1461 and became a trusted confidante when Mortimer became Edward IV. Richard's wife, Eleanor, was a governess to Edward IV's sons, who were put in the Tower of London by their uncle, Richard III, and never seen again. Later Sir James Croft was one of the main leaders of the infamous 1554 Wyatt rebellion against Mary I. He was pardoned and eventually became Elizabeth I’s Comptroller of the Royal Household in 1570. In later generations many of the Crofts played key roles either in connection with the Royal Family or in politics.

We first of all explored the grounds with snowdrops in abundance and Spanish Chestnut trees that are said to have been grown from the nuts that came from the shipwrecks of the First Spanish Armada in 1588. After lunch we then explored the house/castle with its fine furnishing and a beautiful chapel.

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