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Bark of a California Redwood

California Redwood and NZ fern

Each toilet had a cylindrical "shroud" with artistic cutouts

This stand has no undergrowth--very open

The stream that goes through Karangahake Gorge

This morning we left camp and headed for the redwoods (redwoods! L). About 1901, someone planted California Redwoods just southeast of Rotorua. So we went for a walk there. The trees are about 200 feet high now, and have reseeded so there are younger ones as well. Very nice and peaceful. Not too many people, lots of trees, very few birds.

The first part of the trail there was no undergrowth, just redwoods.

But then we got in to more mixed growth forest. These are the coast redwoods, not the Sequoias, so they are straight and tall. But some were pretty big around, too.

I showed you a decorative trash can; here are decorative toilets!

Got back to the van, and the GPS would not turn on! After several attempts, we used the map to figure out where we were going. Without the GPS, I have to pay close attention to where we are to help with turns and directions (And I have periodic, intense meltdowns. L). Tomorrow we will stop in at the Wilderness Motorhomes in Auckland and exchange it for another one.

Meanwhile, we are at the Miranda Holiday Park, about an hour from Auckland. They have laundry and a thermal pool, so we get another hot soak this evening. I’ve got the laundry in the washers – ah, the mundane aspects of life on vacation.

Tomorrow we stop at Wilderness, then head on through Auckland for the Northland. One more week from tomorrow here in NZ! Please get Spring ready for us.

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