Where is Tortuga? travel blog

Transfering the metal roofing to the roof.

Teri and Bill finishing up the metal roof.

A tiny hedgehog cactus that the javelina have not yet found and...

Hail piled up on the table.

Monday morning after the heavy snowfall.

The compost bin.

A yucca

Tortuga in the snow.

A yucca with its dried bloom.


Yucca pods

Teri and Bill's home

The front lawn.

Even the barb wire collected snow.

Sometimes it is best to retreat and read.

We enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner and the Packer game with Teri and Bill. Then on Sunday it started to hail. After piling up for about an inch or two, the hail turned to snow. It snowed all night and then off and on Monday and Tuesday. And we thought we had left all of that weather behind in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We took out our long underwear, snuggled in warm blankets and read books. We didn't have internet access, so the word printed on paper was our entertainment when we weren't venturing into the snow.

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