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The 400 year old Cathedral















A tame tucan in a lovely hotel (yes its real!)




Dungeons that have been made into shops


Restaurante Girasoles (sunflower)




One of the forts that were built to protect Cartagena from the...

Underground tunnels that the soldiers used in the fort (very dark)


















Cartagena is a 400 - 500 year old city that has retained most of its spanish colonial buildings and charm. The outer walled city is enormous and not very nice, but the walled centre (a big wall was built around Cartagena over 2 centuries to protect in from invading pirates) it is architecturally stunning, and very well preserved - it makes you feel like you've walked into the past. The oldest church in the city is magnificent, lovely stone pillars and a beautiful alter. Many places still have their old wooden doors that are about 4 metres high and 2 metres wide with all the metal bolts and locks, and the narrow streets are lined with balconied buildings covered with bouganvilla - very pretty! We spent a very enjoyable day exploring, and then went to find a mud volcanoe :)

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