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Our bus (it looks even better from the outside)






Umm... not to sure about this!

What was the chances of her not liking it!





























Being washed by the local ladies



There she is pulling Tara's bra off!

She telling Da to take off his shorts!

There she is washing his shorts (we are now both stark naked...





We came here on a side trip from Cartegena to bathe in the 15 metre high mud volcano. We decided to save some money and do the difficult journey by ourselves instead of taking a tour which would cost twice as much. Unfortunately we went wrong from the very beginning: we got on a city bus with green letters instead of red which meant that we visited every barrio (neighbourhood) in Cartagena before actually getting to the bus station! We got there an hour later, and with a lot of difficulty (because of our limited Spanish) found out that the bus to Galerazamba actually left from the petrol station opposite the bus station and not the station itself. We eventually got on a very funky bus and started our journey. Da was a bit worried because the journey was meant to take one hour and a half but our very sophisticated bus could only go at about 15 km/h!! Tara sat there quite contented with the beautiful journey while Da was very agitated because we would miss the bus back at this speed!! Amazingly, we arrived on time and jumped on motobike taxis that zoomed us to the Volcano. It is a weird little place with a few huts that sold food and the volcano itself that stood 15 metres high and was filled with mud. There was a close-by lagoon that people used to was the mud off, and the volcano standing over the lagoon with mountains in the background made it a pretty place. We climbed planks of wood inserted into the mud of the volcano to reach the top - took our clothes off and climbed in the volcano. It is the most bizarre feeling we ever had; the mud seemed bottomless but you could not sink and the warm mud made your skin feel very weird. Da was very unsure of the whole thing because he normally hates mud (but enjoyed it in the end), while Tara was giggling constantly. After half an hour of wallowing, we went down to the lagoon where we were pulled into the water by some local ladies who began to wash us!!! They poured water over us, and stole our swimsuits and washed them while we tried to get the mud off, then returned to putting their fingers in our ears and giving us a good scrub. The trip was lots of fun (except for Da feeling a bit violated) and we recommend it to anyone who comes to Cartagena.

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