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We took a tour of this mine. The tour guide was a...

Don't we look like copper miners!

This little train took us into the mine.


Since the town is on the side of a mountain, steps lead...

Mountainside view

Clay design on a wall.

Bisbee, Arizona is a revitalized Copper Mining town. In the late 1800's Bisbee was a booming copper mining town, with both underground and open pit operations. When the copper was depleted, the mines closed in 1970's. The Copper Queen provides tours of the underground mine, led by retired miners. Our guide was very interesting, telling stories about his mining experiences. He explained that once when he was about 900 feet down, he and his mining partner saw cockroaches scamping across the floor. Since the cockroaches are more sensitive to vibrations, they picked up the early tremors and alerted the miners to a cave in. Both started to run as fast as the cockroaches and he was alive to tell the story. Though it was hard work, our guide surely seemed to have enjoyed his work, and the pay was good, so he said.

The section of Old Bisbee has retained many of the original buildings which now serve as shops, cafes and hotels. For Helen's birthday, we stayed at a 1918 school building turned B&B. Great fun.

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