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January 5, 2010

With a 6.30am pickup this morning, we both dragged ourselves out of bed nice and early and finished our packing. Our taxi arrived on time and we got to the airport with time to spare and time to get breakfast. Unfortunately, the shops and restaurants, like at all airports, are a massive rip-off. We had some discount vouchers but even so, the small café we looked in had croissants for about $2.50 each and coffees ran to nearly $3. Absolutely ridiculous prices and ones we refused to pay – most of our evening meals have been less than this. Thankfully there was free food and drink at the boarding gate – definitely a first!

When we finally reached Phuket, our arranged pickup didn’t turn up and everyone at the airport claimed not to know where our hotel was. We decided to call the place we stayed at before and thankfully they had a room for us. This worked out really well in the end as the place there is great, the staff and friendly and we were meeting our friend Donna for lunch and drinks and she was staying a couple of minutes away from there!

When we reached the hotel we were greeted with a “Welcome home” and this made us both laugh, especially after the hassle at the airport plus a not very pleasant minibus ride to Patong. It was good to be back and be somewhere we felt comfortable. We headed out straight away and met Donna for some lunch and it was great catching up. She has just finished a bike tour of Thailand for charity which is an amazing achievement. After lunch we hung out by the pool at her hotel and just chilled out, same as most days recently, in fact!

In the evening, we settled down at our hotel bar where Donna joined us and we worked our way through a few beers and cocktails, courtesy of Claus and Goy, our great hosts! We also had a great Thai curry for dinner, fitting for our last night in Thailand. And it was “Thai spicy”, too!

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