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Los Caballos Information

Los Caballos formation

more Los Caballos formations

Cardinal in Big Bend


My roadrunner buddy again

Big Bend Mountains

Flood Farmer's house

Formation near the entrance

Formation near the entrance

Maxican housing

Mexicans at the Rio Grande (in Mexico) notice the kayak and horse

The folks at the river

Mountain Formation

More Mountain Formation

Mountain Scene

ocotilla and mountains

Ocotilla and yucca blooming

Ocotilla and yucca

Ocotilla with red flowers

Rio Grande River

Rio Grande View

Stump in Rio Grande River

Mesquite tree bark (I think)

Tunnel to the Rio Grande River Overlook

Yucca Blooming

Saturday we headed South from Artesia to Pecos, Fort Stockton and then to Marathon TX. Marathon is not much of a town but about the closest we could get to Big Bend National Park without staying in the Park. There was one gas station and it had diesel, a small store, a couple of small cafes, an old hotel and the motel/RV Park we stayed in. Not many amenities but adequate for our needs. We are getting used to staying on gravel in desert settings. There were several groups in tents stopping before going to Big Bend. This is spring break week in Texas and Big Bend is a very big back packing area with lots of trails and back country camping.

Sunday we got up, packed a lunch and headed to Big Bend which is about 90 miles on a 2 lane road. The speed limit was 45 mph through the Park area. There is interesting geology in the mountain ranges going into the Park. The rock formations look like a rock wall on the side of the mountain (see photos). The Park borders Mexico with the Rio Grande River its Western Boundary. The park is very large and is the only park with an entire mountain range within its boundary. This is still the Chihuahuan Desert which covers part of New Mexico, Texas and lots of Mexico. Lots of Yucca, Ocotilla and Prickly Pear in bloom. We drove 30 miles extra to see the Rio Grande and look across to housing in Mexico. The Rio Grande is not a very impressive River, even considering it has dams and water diversions upstream. Its historic channels are not that wide.

Sunday night the wind blew most of the night (25-30+ mph) and it was hard to sleep with the trailer shaking with the high gusts. We ended up getting up about 4 am and packed up at daylight to leave.

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