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setup on gravel

Deming Courthouse, built in 1910, where trials of 30+ people from the...

Silver Street, from the Courthouse

View from Spring Canyon State Park at where I came from

vineyard in Deming - one winery at each end of town -...

Overview of Rock City State Park

animal symbol

Cool to picnic amongst the rocks, eh?

Trees between rocks

Piece fell off back end - hard to see the distance between...

Just interesting formation

Face of a native African tribe?

Knocking heads?

Hercules holding the world?

desert hike - I'm not interested!

I was paid up in Alpine, TX through the 17th, and I couldn't get a refund for leaving early, so the last couple of days were spent cleaning house, doing laundry, riding my bike, and living without being a tourist! I didn't feel like driving the car for hours to go back to Big Bend or north for 3 hours one way to Guadalupe National Park. I contemplated detouring the westward trip to camp near Guadalupe and see Carlsbad Caverns National Park at the same time, but rationalized my way out of that. Guadalupe is mostly accessible by hiking or horseback. Carlsbad is mostly caverns and the brochures focussed on bats that live there. no thanks, for now anyway!

The next stop was in an Escapee park called Dreamcatcher in Deming. As I was setting up camp, a woman staying in a Bounder like mine came over to talk. Her name is Arlene and she's from Oregon and is on her way back there. She had been working in Slidell, LA for the past month or so rebuilding from the hurricane and staying at the Lutheran Church there! She has a paid job, not a volunteer with Habitat. She was just staying for the night and didn't unhook her car. We both went shopping at Wal-Mart in town in my car. Nice to have someone to talk to face to face!

While in Deming, I discovered the area the whole day on the 18th. THe city of Deming is becoming known for its Duck Races every year during Labor Day weekend. Saugerties can have its Garlic Festival, Deming has its Duck Days! They have lots more than racing ducks. How about a tortilla toss, outhouse races, a parade, and a Duck Pageant, where people dress up like a duck and are judged!!! The visitor's center gave me a "yearbook" for the happenings at the 2005 Duck Race days which was the 26th annual!

There are a couple of State Parks nearby, so let me tell you about them. One is called Rock Hound State Park. It has a campground and lots of rocks. They invite us "hounds" to take rocks up to 15 pounds if we want! I passed. The other one is Spring Canyon State Park. This one had picnic areas and hiking trails, but the view was fantastic. Both are in the Florida Mountains - Florida just keeps following me, since it was also another name for the area around Louisiana - Republic of Florida, if I remember right.

North of Deming is the City of Rocks State Park. It was formed over 34 million years ago by a volcano, then years of wind and rain. They claim one can see streets, alleys, and rooftops if one uses his/her imagination. I tried, but I saw faces and other symbols. I swear, I didn't see the symbol portrayed by one of the pictures until I looked at the picture! I was trying to show a small rock that fell off of it near the bottom, honest! I enjoyed climbing amongst them and seeing all the campsites that were mixed in with the rock formations.

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