When we started the drive we didn't have any snow falling...

Our first stop was Ken's Lake..

A flock of geese flew from the lake when we arrived....



Back on the road..there is a lot to see in this area..

Just starting to snow when we got to the National Forest..

A few minutes later and the snow is thick and we see...

Then, they all ran up the hill..:-)

The snow was getting thick, so we stopped to play..



Me, enjoying the snow very much...


Jerry working hard..

Our snowman...


Jerry had another idea for the snowman...:-)

He got out the bucket for this one...:-)

Cute, but he looks like a dog in the face to me...:-)

Scenery on the drive back home..


Looking back where we just came from..

Last one, back in Moab where the snow is falling too...

We finally got to make that snowman today. We drove back to the La Sal Mountains Loop as far as we could go, this time we had snow boots, gloves and heavy coats with us. We drove from Moab the back way, now we have seen both sides of the loop as far as we can go in the snow.

We saw signs about Lake Oowah in the area and decided to do a side trip and see it, The snow got really thick on the way and we had to turn around. The road was going straight up and our tires started to spin..not good. :-) We had climbed to an elevation of over 8,000 feet before we knew it and the road was still going even higher. Jerry got out and checked to see if he had room to turn around. The road was really narrow and if you were to slide it was a long way down to the valley. We managed to turn around, I am glad we made it out of that one, it was really scary, we won’t be making anymore mountain drives in the snow any time soon. :-)

When we got back to Moab we were surprised to see the snow coming down pretty good here too. We saw the reports on the news about possible snow but didn’t really expect this much, it looks like we are going to get quite a few inches right here in Moab without having to go to the high mountains. Yippee!

On the drive we saw about a dozen wild turkeys in the road. They all had snow on their backs, it was snowing so hard I didn’t get great pictures, but I did snag a few. We also stopped at Ken’s Lake on the way and saw a ton of geese. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. We had a ball having snowball fights and finally making out snowman, another great day in Moab, check back later for more.

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