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Entry To Park

Walk In The Park






Beach Behind the Breakwater

We Can Now See The Lighthouse

Cement Pile Is Where The Old Lighthouse Stood

Lee walking on the breakwater

Getting Closer


Fishing From The Lighthouse

Breakwater by the Lighthouse

Huron Harbor Lighthouse

Run By Solar Power

Lee taking pictures at the lighthouse


I made it!




Quite a Hike Back To Shore

Ring-necked Gull

Gulls on the Dredge Pile

Our next stop for the day was Centennial Park which is on the west side of the entrance to the Huron Pier. There is also a path to the Huron Harbor Lighthouse. We can thank the local Rotary Club for this park and is was dedicated by them in November, 2006.

We figured once that we got to the area where you could see the remains of the old lighthouse, that we could just walk out to the lighthouse but we were mistaken. That is where we had to start walking on the breakwater! This square cement foundation is the home of the original Huran Harbor Lighthouse and marks the end of the old breakwater. The breakwater has now been extended to almost another mile out.

Once we saw the remains of the old lighthouse, we had to continue to walk only now we had to walk on the breakwater itself. It was a little windy out too which I didn't care for while walking on the breakwater!

The present Huron Harbor Lighthouse was built In 1936 and reflects the artistic style of the 1930’s. This Art Deco light consists of a square, cylindrical tower on a square fog building. The lighthouse stands seventy-two feet high and was placed in commission on April 8, 1936. There was never a keeper's house for this lighthouse. It was operated by remote control from the west pier light. It was one of Lake Erie's first electrically powered beacons.

This dredge spoil pile that was absolutely full of gulls is being transformed by the Army Corps of Engineers into a 64-acre island that will be a town park. That will sure be a boon to the community!

It was a beautiful day and we certainly got our fair share of exercise today!

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