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Waiting for the train to Hat Yai, Thailand

Guys on Scooters deliverying about 15 boxes

Guys on Scooters deliverying about 15 boxes

On the train

Cooling off

Nick havin another brewski.

Happy train riders!

We left Koto Bharu this morning. We caught a bus to the border and then walked accross the imaginary line. From there we walked a couple KM's to the train station. We got 2nd class tickets from the border town to the town of Hat Yai, which is the half way point to our next destination, the island of Ko Phanagan.

This is probably the funnest time we have had on our trip. The train had windows but all were down the entire way, allowing you to stick your head out to cool off. When the train pulled into the stations all the vendors would come up to the windows selling there food that they had made for the passengers. We sat in the snack car most of the way (so that Nick could get sauced and for only about $5!) which also had the best views because the windows were larger. Nick had a bonding session with one of the train staff who has worked on the train for over 20 years! He just rides the train everyday from the border of Thailand to Bangkok which is nearly a 20 hour ride and back again day in and day out. He was really nice but Nick likes anyone who brings him beers! LOL

The trip was only about 6 hours or so and was much better than the bus. Our plan is to leave Hat Yai tomorrow morning and take the train again to the town of Surat Thani and catch a boat to Ko Phanagan.

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