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a very steep ride...

us and Casey who fed us when no one else would:)

the view of Penang from the hill

Hey all,

So, after adventures of English Camp it was back to Thung Song before work begins in November. We knew that we would need to leave the country in order to obtain the right visa entry for working and staying. Wanting to be on top of things, we asked about it right when we got back. The closest border crossing is Malaysia to the South. See our madlib entry if you want any idea about the ridiculous circumstances of the trip. It's a doozy:)

Some key moments in Penang Malaysia

1. We were unable to find vegetarian food in little India after nightfall

2. Being rescued by a kind local who fed us anyway

3. paying for 2 hotel rooms in one night (don't get us started)

4. discovering that we arrived in the middle of a week long religious holiday

5. being unable to leave as result of #4

6. Seeing the sunset from Penang Hill

7. Being rescued by another local when the last bus of the evening (and the second to lst for that matter) decided not to stop

8. Eating amazing food from all over Asia

9. wandering busy multi-cultural markets

10. Shopping for clothes that fit our western bods

So, we didn't think we'd make it to another country quite so soon, but Malaysia was really cool and the people were great to us. It would be great to go back with a little more planning next time around;)


kate and carla

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