McLeod Family Trip 2010 travel blog



All organized for our flight to London. Checked emails and great to hear from people. Good shuttle into Airport and worked our way through several passport checkpoints before seeing NZ2 being towed into position. Huge. How do they get off the ground. Take off at 4.30pm on a hazy LA day. We don’t get much sleep over next 10 ½ hours due a unhappy baby and too many movies to watch. Boys love it. We are pleased to get on the underground with all our gear and finally make Great Portland St. very helpful staff guide us to the YHA. Nice new room. Cosy and clean. This is us. Ross goes for a quick walk while everyone has 40 winks. Nice to be back in London. Try to wake everyone up at 6pm but they are dead to the world. Jet lagged.

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