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Wheels on the bus, take bloody ages to get to Bangkok

Not too sure what I'm embarking on at the roadside cafe

Khao San Road

Horseman to his closest friends.!

Well we had to sunbathe in Bangkok as well.

Infamous Tuk Tuk ride to Pat Pong, or is it Ping Pong?

Why is it we always manage to find the gay districts?

They're real honest guv

Khao San @ night

After all that hard work on the beach, we decided that maybe we should take in a bit of Thai culture, so where better place to go than the Khao San Road in Bangkok, about as cultural as Picaddily Circus in London(bar Eros).

Well as many of you know this is the backpacker haven of Bangkok, feels like being in Kingston on a Saturday night, drunken young English hooligans everywhere, present company excluded of course(we're old!).

We have spent a few days, basically awaiting our Laos/Vietnam visa's and transport. So we're off to Laos today(23rd March), after enduring the city for the last 3 days, met a few people, but as my Dad always told me, wherever you are in the world you will always meet someone who knows you or has a connection and so we did. Tracey walking down the street, shopping(what else) when she hears her name and thinks nothing of it and beleive it or not she meets Kate, who used to work on the Sabre Helpdesk in Hounslow. So what better way to celebrate than to go out that night for a few beers..Yippee! How bizarre.

Anyway a few piccies to show you the delights that we experienced, have to say that we haven't done any sightseeing yet, as we will be back her twice more over the next few weeks.


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